The Macaw Aviary, The Conure Aviary is on the far right.
Bubba (left) and Ginger, Blue & Gold Macaws. Bubba came here from northern Michigan, and lives here because she is truly loved. Ginger previously lived with a woman who was too ill to give her the daily care, food, toys, and entertainment, she required, and so Ginger eventually came to live here as a Lucky Parrot.
Fred is a Catalina Macaw, A New Jersey hatched, hand raised cross breed of a Blue & Gold Macaw, and a Scarlet Macaw, he picks at his feathers something he would not do in the wild, but then in the wild Blue & Golds and Scarlets don't cross breed. Fred will out live all of us. We are faced with a dilemma, the perpetual care for those we have now and those who will come to us in the future.
This is a Blue and Gold Macaw, who had to move from his last home, his human companion had medical problems.
Inside the Macaw Aviary, the Banana plants don't stand a chance when a Macaw wants to play with the leaves.