Inside the Amazon Aviary

Double Yellow Headed

This Guy, Double Yellow Headed Amazon, just did not fit in to the lives of the various people who tried to keep him.

Blue Front Amazon

This is a Blue Front Amazon, she can bark just like a dog, also do a great wolf whistle. In spite of these virtues, or probably because of them, she found myself unwanted by the family she had lived with for years.


Yellow Nape Amazon, about 30 years old. She had a very good home until the children wanted, and got a dog, The Parrot was jealous of the new center of attention. She flew off her perch and dive bombed the dog. Something had to be done. They got rid of the dive bomber.

Yellow Crown

This beautiful Yellow Crown Amazon, notice the bright yellow crop of feathers on the crown. The people he lived with, felt he would be jealous of and hurt the new baby. This guy is quite nasty.

Amazon Parrots

This group of four Amazon Parrots come from very similar backgrounds. Each lived with a person or family, whose life circumstances changed, and the Parrots could no longer co-exist within those changes. Real life got in the way, and the birds had to go. We strongly suggest that you do not make an impulse purchase or adoption of a Parrot, when your current circumstances change and change they will, that cute baby Parrot will act up, and you may not have a choice but to "get rid of the bird".