The 14' Hexagon Aviary houses eight African Grey Parrots. The white PVC piping is a misting system to keep the area cool on hot days. All four Aviaries have similar systems. The Greys all fly, and get along with each other. The Greys, in our experience, are much mellower than the other parrots.
Some of the Grey Parrots at breakfast
Monty is a Timnah, a tiny African Grey with REALLY BIG FEET. Birds are flock creatures, they are hardly ever alone in the wild. In captivity they also seek companionship, this endearing trait is one of the reasons people become so attracted to parrots. But if one bonds with a parrot and then rejects it, one can expect the parrot to display its sorrow, in unimaginable ways. Parrots, like people, do not take rejection well.
This is Muffy and her friends. Muffy is an African Grey Parrot, saved from an abusive situation. Muffy has almost completely recovered from her past life. Several nights a week Muffy travelled on her human's shoulder to the local pub, where she was fed alcohol on a regular basis. People at the bar thought this was fun. It wasn't fun for Muffy. Unfortunately parrots are considered property in many states and a person can treat their property any way they choose.
Mickey & Joe are Timnahs, they have been pals for a long time.