Living with a Parrot

Living with a parrot is not easy:

  • Parrots are wild creatures, not domesticated pets.
  • They cannot be kept in a cage all of the time.
  • They are very messy, and their cages must be cleaned every day.
  • They will chew on everything they can, including your clothes and furniture.
  • Many parrots will never speak, but they will definitely scream, and scream loudly.
  • Parrots will be jealous of or dislike your friends and family.
  • ALL parrots bite, and can bite really hard.

Do your research and be 100% sure you really want a parrot:

  • A parrot is a very long term commitment. The larger parrots can live to be 80 years old;
  • Take the time to learn about parrots and know what you’re getting into.
  • Adopt instead of buying a parrot. There are many unwanted birds that need a good home.

It might take time for you to find a parrot to adopt, but it will be worth it, you will have saved a life.

  • Lucky Parrot offers permanent sanctuary to parrots.
  • We do not breed, buy, sell, or broker parrots, or exploit them in any way.
  • All the Lucky Parrots are here permanently; we do not adopt out birds.
  • A quick Internet search for local parrot shelters will show you where you can adopt a parrot of your own.