Lucky Parrot Sanctuary

An All Volunteer Humane Organization

Welcome to The Lucky Parrot Sanctuary!

Parrots are fantastic, incredible, charming creatures, endowed with strong emotions, and superior intelligence. They are the feathered equivalents of Chimpanzees and Dolphins. Parrots are also the most demanding and misunderstood of all companion animals. People don't understand what they are getting themselves into when they first purchase a parrot. The anticipated wonderful experience often turns into something very different, and very sad, for both people and parrots. The parrots don't always fit into people's lives because of normal human events like illness, or something as simple as a new relationship, a new baby, or a divorce. The unwanted parrot is sold or given away, often going through a number of different homes. Eventually, the sanctuaries take in many of these unwanted birds.
Most sanctuaries are overflowing, and many of these perfectly healthy parrots can potentially be euthanized because there are too few loving homes for them. A better balance must be found between current levels of parrot over-breeding and the existing, present day over-population of parrots.